01 December 2007

diy... at last!


After 2 and a half months of living in my flat, I've taken some time off my various activities and stayed home to make the fit-in shelves I'd been dreaming about. It took me about 7 hours today, gluing, climbing onto the step ladder, putting in place, changing idea, carrying, sawing, drilling, screwing a good number of wood pieces of numerous sizes ans weight... yes, some were very heavy indeed!

But I managed and I'm pleased not only with myself but also with the result. Not quite the dream shelves I had in my mind but I guess I'm no professional, it was the first big job I did and it turns out nicely. My arms are soo tired at the minute that I can't compemplate getting all my books out of their boxes tonight... it'll have to wait 'til tomorrow. And I'm so lazy that I can't even imagine getting up and take a pic of them to accompany my scribbling... maybe tomorrow, too... :)

a nice Saturday, though!

i'm supposed to go out tonight but I'd rather laze around with a book

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CJM-R said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog a few days ago!

Wow, I am impressed that you did your bookshelves on your own.

Hope your arms aren't too sore tomorrow!