09 December 2007


Thursday 6th Decembre, sometime close to 6pm, she let out her last breath to never take a new one in. She threw the towel, after close to 96 years...

Not a Saint, not the perfect wife, mother, grand-mother, sister or woman, she has been instrumental in shaping who I have become, in my early years. And it is only these last few years that I have come to know and recognise this.
I know how lucky I am that she was still here in flesh and blood as well as in her right mind, as I have come very close to her. She has asked me many questions about my recent life and I like to think that she knew me more than many people I see everyday... I know she couldn't grasp entirely what my constant questions and my self-discovery journey are about, but she tried, again and again and again... and I am ever thankful to her for it.

I witnessed her go slowly with dignity, and love and gratitude for people that surrounded her. I know how pleased she was to see me and I know how important it has been for me to be present physically as often as I could. Her departure is obviously hard, but I have had time over the last few months to accept the love she gave me and to give her my love consciously. Somehow I feel at peace.

Bonne-maman, thank you.


CJM-R said...

I am so sorry to hear that your grandmother passed away. It was a good thing that you were able to spend time with her and that she tried so hard to

She sounded like a very loving and open minded woman. How lucky that you were able to become so close to her.

God Bless,

CJM-R said...

tried hard to understand your self discovery journey.

lisamoon said...

clairem, what a gift to have been with your sweet and open-hearted grandma as she moved into the spirit realm. you are a blessing to her!