13 October 2007

bye-bye les bleus

I've rarely been so disappointed with a lost rugby game.. frustrated, angry, sorry, but rarely disappointed.

I'm far from being an expert but I do know the rules and understan what's going on on the pitch and here, tonight, I thought France didn't play enough their own game. Maybe England prevented them to do so - that's where my expertise stops... Then w started to play more of their game in the second half, and sure enough they were better than us at it, and put us under great pressure.

So when the one mistake cost us the game, it is heart breaking.

It is even worse against Egland. Not because it is England and I'm French. No. Because as an outsider, I'm sure the game was rather boring. England has a kicking game that is not attractive but boringly efficient and tonight it showed. Again.

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Mich said...

I lost heart when the Wallabies lost ...