06 October 2007

Allez les bleus!!

Beating the kiwis at rugby tonight felt like winning the final and be world champions... except that there are another two games to go before that, maybe...

But what a game!! my friend text me all the way from NZ saying there's going to be a day of mourning down under... Had we lost again this team of amazing strength, quality and above all playing beautiful rugby, I'd still have been ok. France had scored a try (the second was the winning one) and had certainly not looked out of depth!

Thanks to those guys who works their socks off on the pitch, believed in themselves when most of us didn't and pulled up a fantastic performance on the day. Let's hope they do the same against England next week to erase a sad memory of being beaten last time around in a wet and windy day, also in the semis...

Allez les bleus!

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