08 August 2007

To my dear fellow backpacker

I thought our journeys ran parallel
Yours packing in and out endlessly in the open world
Mine immobile yet travelling into the realm of the inner world.
But our paths crossed, in a meeting planned by others long ago I believe.
Our odysseys were not parallel in the end.

I recognised my limits in your soft silver-like presence.
If deciphered in your ocean-like blue eyes an acutely wounded desire to be loved.
Was it yours or did I give you my heavy cloak to wear?
I beheld your beautifully affectionate smile betray a muggy loneliness
difficult to shake off the confines of your fatigued armour.
Was it your weaken hand or mine holding the shield not so high up?

Your intense presence enlightened the last couple of days.
The glitter, shimmer and flicker of our encounter
Broke in through my own safety walls
Laying down in my shakily expecting heart
The most wondrous treasure of all: Love.

Love offered from an unreserved heart of yours borne up your sleeve
Not in the name of romance.
Love embraced from an opened heart of mine in need of being met.
Blessed are you, gorgeous man, for opening the door of exaltation and suffering,
Triggering further alchemical transformations.
Blessed am I for holding my vulnerability in the name of truth.

As you depart for greener pastures up North
The seed of Love you sowed in my heart

I will tend and pass it on.
I cherish the day I was guided to stumble across your blog.

1 comment:

lisamoon said...

hello clairem, what a lovely writing! thank you for sharing. i had an intuition that you two would meet. your fellow dear backpacker hails from my dance community! blessings on your moments and simmerings in your heart! warmly, lisamoon