29 June 2007

A sense of disbelief

I've heard some sad and shocking news yesterday. A friend from my early years in London called to say that a common friend had died a week before of a brain haemorrage. He was only 39 years old.

He was the other French person in the neuroscience lab when my English was more than limited. He was a nice bloke talking too much, showing off a bit too much. He was good at science and I believe he could have been excellent had he worked a little more. Yet he made it in a very competitive field, joining an excellent group in Stanford University, being offered a position in Toronto before moving back to Europe and Italy.

I had lost contact with him long ago but this news was a massive shock to me. It opened my eyes on the fact that I am coming to the age where these kinds of accidents are not unheard of. Suddenly I felt my age, together with a sense of unjustice. He was too young for this to happen! I feel deeply saddened and full of compassion for his widow staying behind, in pain.

Rest in peace JD wherever you are and whoever you're with. You weren't my best friend but our paths crossed for a few years and there'll always be memories of you in my heart.

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