03 June 2007

5 days which transform a lifetime

I have come back last night from an intensive workshop that counts as 5 days of Heartbeat in the pre-requisite to enter the 5 Rhythms teacher training. To me who doesn't at this minute think about the training it counts as a life transforming experience.

Alchemy of stillness it was called. Or in my own words, how to explore the emotions (and their shadows) of fear, anger and passion, sadness and joy in the body, let them dance me as I pay attention and learn to recognise and consciously release them, and finally allow these new allies or friends to blend into compassion and love at the centre of my heart. Intense it was indeed.

Thorny or daunting at times, gratifying and fun at others, the work opens the door of possibilies, catalyses questions or intentions and leads through transformation to newness. If it will take some time to integrate the experience it already revealed to me my own continuous - if not regular - movement on the spiral of life and my capacity to be more grounded in my own power.

I am extremely grateful to all spirits to have conspired so that I could be present for this work, to the much dedicated teacher Ya'Acov and his assistants Jo and Sue and all the students who made this work what it was.

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lisamoon said...

clairem, sounds like an intense and powerful 5 days dancing the 5 rhythms. ecstatic dance practice is a path that is moving on all levels, as it sounds like you experience. hope you're doing well!