17 February 2008

a random winter sunday

beautiful winter day
cold and sunny
sunny and cold

people were out, on their feet, their bikes, on their prams, with sticks... some running, ipod strapped on their arm, change in their pockets, praparing for the London Marathon? Definitely some seemed to NOT enjoy the experience.

I was out. not where i'd planned, but still along the water. and the tide of the great river thames. It was a lovely day and I made the most of it. Yet I can't say I had a lovely day... was I going out to enjoy myself? to escape from my computer and the phone? was I expecting a call that never came? and so I went, whatever the reason(s). I am pleased I went. But I was not fully present to the moment. at least most of the time.

neither here nor there
i don't know what to do with myself
and so i observe
at least I try
but i never really know which "I" is talking, being the observer, feeling the feelings...
I feel exhausted just trying to get the full/clear picture...

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