16 February 2008

more questions than answers...

I feel very lost yet I know deep down that the path is taking me somewhere still unknown... and I feel that ultimately I am safe, because I know there will be pitfalls...

does it make sense? does it matter if it does (or not)?

I go about with some short moments of crystal clear clarity lost into long periods of dense fog. Exhaustion is not long to show up when I fight to find my way through it and then I sit down and want to give it all up (on the surface at least)... I know it's not the way to go about it yet I still do

I feel mutiple
there's no unity
not knowing how to relate
acting one way one day
compensating and overreacting the next
it's all coming at me
i've no control

who am I?

1 comment:

Mich said...

It makes sense, a lot of sense ... don't forget to drink in the beauty of your journey.