23 February 2008

I'm living exciting times

stepping out and diving in
is the story of my life

different intensities keeping me here and there
various attractions taking me there and back
multiple forces throwing me in and out

i'm observing different centres, all part of me
the socially accepted
the terribly anxious
the excited longing
the peaceful and quiet
the warm loving
the sexually open

playing hide and seek
I get lost
I find a new yet unknown centre


lisamoon said...

clairem, i experience your posts with the thought, 'she sure is a witness to her process.' you have a gift for seeing the facets of yourself and seem to move like a boat or leaf on river with your emotions, watching them come and go and be bumpy and smooth. quite inspiring!


clairem said...

dear lisamoon,
is it a gift to being a witness of one's journey, or is it enough to be so fascinated by it that it is hard not to be... before that though, I have experienced many times that my boat was not sea-worthy... the pain has been excrutiating at times but I have learnt patience and love, this is true... with the invaluable help of my jungian analyst. thank you for your kind and always warm words and wishing you patience and love in your new home! clairem