20 April 2007

Les-Bi-Gay 5 Rhythms class

It will have taken me about a year to finally walk in the room. I was both fascinated and terrified at the idea of dancing with people having different sexual orientation. I guess mostly terrified seen how long that took me... Yet I know gay people in my family, I have close lesbien friends and that has never been a problem to me. I guess it was the mixing of the dance with the sexal orientation that scared me most. Because personal spaces can sometimes be blurred on the dance floor and because I wasn't too sure where my own sexuality lies?
And so I went tonight and I had a very good time, from self-conscious to being possessed into chaos the way I have been in the last few weeks. And being Friday most of us ended up going for coffee/peppermint tea and muffins across the road. No better way of finishing the working week, really...

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