22 April 2007

A Brazilian night to remember

My friend had planned to go to a Brazilian nightclub last night and my first thought when I got her email was, "I don't fancy that". But later in the week I fought my tendency to being too serious, thoughtful, "adult"... and I had to kick my arse a few times to decide to go, regardelss of whether I wanted to or not. I really needed to have fun and force myself if needed be.

Then came yesterday morning and I woke up with a bad headache for no particular reason. But I was rather skeptical because it kept coming and going. I would forget about it and then, wondered where it's gone, and vlam!!! it was back as strong as ever... I went for a nap in the afternoon and slept for more than two hours. My head was still sore but it started wearing off after a while. I thought I would take a paracetamol then meet up with my friend. Off I went, quite late, and realised on the tube I'd forgotten to take the tablet! It made me smile and thought that headache was nothing to worry about, except maybe a physical sign of my seriousness...

I had a great time, the music was good, there was a bit of space to dance - which is quite unusual in a london nightclub - and most important of all, I met this guy... great smile, fun, attractive and he made the move. We exchanged numbers, he said he'd call me today and I believe he will. He waited with me for my bus while he had to back in the opposite direction. We planned to go to the cinema sometime this week. My heart pumps hard when I think of him. I am both excited and terrified at the prospect of starting a new relationship after so long.
Watch this space!! :))


Therapist Mumbles said...

There is nothing as exciting in life than meeting "a new possibility."

lisamoon said...

so, what's the word? sounds like a great time out at the club. not much else better than dancing, good food and happy hearts!

clairem said...

@therapist mumbles, you wrote the words I'd have liked to find for myself "a new possibility"

@ Lisamoon, the word's not come up yet... But I certainly do hope it will pass my lips sometime