02 September 2007

More mandala

I was thinking about it for a while - being home and designing a new mandala. I enjoyed making the first one so much that I felt making another. Somehow though it is as if the time chooses me rather than the other way around. And Friday it was ripe I suppose - I spread all the treasured content of my "making things" boxes, put the music on from my computer so I wouldn't have to change CDs and off I started...

I was long, complicated, I made mistakes, I had to start again but I could see it come to life. I liked going through each step, stop, watching, waiting for the next shape to be given for me to do - some I refused as I didn't like them.

Can I say I'm proud? Yes I can and I will -- I'm very proud of what I've done and I like it very much. And, I'll be able to re-use the canvas I made as this time I used thin cardboard rather than paper. How sweet...

If you want to see the first one I made a few weeks back, here it is.

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