30 January 2007

A rough diving experience

Once in Dahab to go diving, I have missed the postman coming to deliver the parcel with all my equipment and so I meaningfully prepare to spend the day lying lazily on the beach. That was without counting my dear friend...

The promise of another bright, meaningless day is short lived as she has other plans for me. Leaving the sunny beach road and its lively outdoor restaurants I follow her into narrow, dusty streets slowly diving toward down-town. I vaguely remember having been there on my way in but had never felt the need of going back to what looks such an inhospitable area of a town otherwise very peaceful indeed... My pace slows down and my steps grow shorter but my friend pulls my hand with such authority that my shoulder has no choice but to follow - and my body to clumsily run behind!! I scream when she says that it's her favorite part of town before falling into silence and obedience!

I am pleasantly surprised when we end up swimming next to one another in beautiful surroundings, paradise blue waters shinning with fishes of thousands colours and sizes. There is that special one that takes all my attention - big, unfazed by my presence, rather ugly and almost as intereted by me than I am by it... so much so that I ignore the current taking me to swirling waters... gently at first but soon enough I'm out of reach! Fear, tiredness, frustration, rage give me no rest when all I long for is fall asleep, hibernate and wake up in brighter days. I'm in for another surprise as I remain upright in these furious waters that curiously haven't taken me away from my friend. Calmness returns when I finally feel I am in no danger.

A simple look from her gives me comfort and wasn't it for her I would have most certainly given up diving.

clairem --- 3 Nov 2006/30 Jan 2007

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