12 December 2008

new cycle

as from January 7th 2009 I will be a Jungian psycho-analyst trainee with GAPS, the Guild of Analytical Psychology and Spirituality...

The news came after months of preparation, self- investigation, interviews... if I was half expecting it half hoping for it, it nevertheless became a burden as well as a relief and excitment! A few weeks down the line though, the excitment is growing and the work will be there for me to sit down and read and prepare presentations and write essays... wow!

In these last months of preparation for it, I found out how my life has been marked by recurrent 5 year-cycles. Well, I started the process of applying after 5 years in therapy/analysis! a new cycle is definitely starting!

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Todd Laurence said...

Of interest....

From 1932-1958., Jung
and the physicist, W. Pauli,
had many conversations
about reality. Their letters
were published under title,
"atom and archetype."

Most of what you need
to know about transcendence
is in this book. Also, Jung's
'synchronicity essay.'


New York
Entelek Systems