12 December 2008

end of year looming

it's been cold in London for the last week or so, and the sun has been magnificent, showing up everyday, nearly all day...

crossing Tower Bridge in the winter morning light, with a conflicting body: chest and arms craving for me to open y coat as they feel overheated and neck and cheeks begging to keep my scarf on as the wind blows freezing on their soft skin...

or walking East on Jamaica Road to catch the tube at Bermondsey (these are the days I'm running late, or simply lazy...) and being greeted by the most beautiful yellow glow on the forest of Canarywharf glass skyscrapers as the sun rises!! That made not only my day but my week!!

a proud full moon bathed the city last night and as I came back home after a dinner out with a friend, I walked straight from the main door to the garden to say thank you and make a female blood offering to "her" spirit!

Something shifted this week, I feel lighter, less weight on my shoulders, brighter spirits - are the low dark clouds that have been with me for.... a very long time starting to dissipate, etiolate? will the space be filled with an anticyclone?

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