07 May 2008

welcomed anger

I am very grateful to T. as he's allowed me unearth a strong emotion - once more

A few weeks back, "he sent me" to reexperience the most painful wound, one I had been not only avoiding but ignoring for years and years.... it'd been calling for attention in recent years, and the calls had grown louder in recent months and weeks, and BANG!!! one action, one decision, one word, one situation and the trap under my feet opened large and wiiiiiiiiiide...

Yes I fell deep into darkness
No I did nothing to stop the descent
Yes it was the most painful experience
No I didn't enjoy it
Yes I watched myself falling
No I don't wish the same pain to my worst enemy
Yes i would do the same again if it was required
Yes I knew deep down that it was worth the pain
Yes I discovered a real treasure in the darkness

Tonight he cancelled a meeting at the last minute and because it wasn't the first time, I felt a surge of anger rising and rising... the good thing was that I was on the train and wouldn't have called him there and then for the whole carriage to share what I had to say. Some things are private, after all! This time though I kept this anger going until I was home.

Yes I voiced it
No I didn't want to hurt myself for it
Yes my heartbeat was going very fast with anxiety
No I didn't feel guilty
Yes I broke a real good sweat
No I wouldn't do any different
Yes it was simply anger which vanished after taking shape in words
Yes remnants of the original pain resurfaced after our phone call
Yes I felt worthy, centered and respecting myself

it came
was expressed

end of story
thank you

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CJM-R said...

Good for you!