07 November 2006

Let's meet downtown

She said, Let’s meet in dusty downtown
That’s where the fun is
Behind closed doors, hidden
She said, I can play the piano on your back
And the drum on your buttocks.
Strip naked and follow my instincts

She said, We’re going to the moon
And she took me underground
Trust me, I know the way”.

She said, Let my fingers be your eyes
So that you can watch in the most awesome darkness
The colourful rainbows of imagination
Your back arching and your hips raised
Your rounded belly full with desire
Your legs apart introducing your pink shiny Yoni

She said, Let my fingers be your hands
So that you can feel the most pleasurable places
The ladder of your curved spine
Your nipples sticking out hard on swollen islands of softness
Your belly shivering under the pressure of crazy caged butterflies
The dense maze of your thick pubic hair protecting your secret

She said, Let my fingers be your ears
So that you can listen to the most pounding sounds
The chanting rhythm of your heartbeat and crescendo desire of your breathing
The rustle of the crisp clean sheet as you rise on your feet and shoulders
The overflowing drip of the fountain hidden behind your labia
Your throat that lets out the most instinctual and natural scream

She said, Let my fingers be your nostrils
So that you can smell the most arousing smells
The sweet and sour sweat of your armpits
Your delicious and beloved intimate fertility
The fully grown feminine energy
Of your tenderly enchanted, and offered, Yoni

She said, Let my fingers be your mouth
So that you can taste the sweetest tastes of all
Your belly’s skin screaming, “I’m here!”
The full bodied tongue in your mouth
Your nipples’ desire to be devoured
The creamy cascade raining between your legs

She said, Let my fingers be your heart
So that you can feel alive

clairem --- 7 Nov 2006

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