16 October 2006

Rhythm is everything

caressing the page
trembling with desire
they find their feet…
--------------------- an enormous boost
--------------------- after too long a wait
--------------------- a lay off injured

smelling the ink
pouring out the words
they’re ready to go…
--------------------- a connection to the heart
--------------------- after too long a wait
--------------------- a major repair

enjoying carelessness
laughing with life
they set the speed…
---------------------- a magical composition
---------------------- after too long a wait
---------------------- a death experience

hands are free
fingers grateful
they know.
Rhythm is everything.
---------------------- and today…
---------------------- the sportsman’s allowed back from a nasty injury
---------------------- the instrument’s allowed back to his loving musician
---------------------- the creativity’s allowed back to the humble artist

clairem --- 11 Oct 2006

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