10 June 2008

chat-chat-chat..... chat-chat-chat......

yes, talking, blah blah blah...
serious and deep one minute, shallow and silly the next, and back again... how fantastic!

Learning to be open, expose and put on the table even (above all?) what's uncomfortable but in a a conscious way - not leaking energy by spreading oneself in bits amongst several friends, rather distillate information that one wants to share... It makes such a difference!! Not only there's no leakage of energy but instead space made free in one's life for newness to enter... unbelievable!

from being soooooo turning inward in the last couple of years, i'm opening to the world again, I'm laughing at myself for taking myself so seriously, I feel lighter and at times shallow... and that is a good feeling!!!

And I feel that I want to put my new strengths, center, femininity, discovered sexuality, sensuality to the test of a new relationship... I feel that I want (and am ready?) to be joyful and also hurt and that this won't crush me... only time will tell!

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