18 March 2008

Initiation to womanhood

Returning Home
Like the prodigal son
Finding new strength
Deep inside the womb’s safety

Seeing much loved old places
For the first time
Filling the breeze of old air
In new lungs

Feeling the roughness of old rocks
With the softness of new baby’s fingers
Tasting the freshness of old food
With new lips and tongue
Hearing the old music of the waves
Through new eardrums

Riding an elastic rubber band
Venturing to the “dangerous out there”
By following my instincts
Deep inside my core
Rushing back to the “safety”
Of my thoughts
Locked inside my brain cortex
A little further
To recharge…

Steps of Initiation
Buckets of tears running down
Pain of letting go of the old
Fear and excitement of letting in the unknown

Steps of Initiation
Into a new age – letting go of my story

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