25 March 2008

an eye opener...

torn to pieces
excrutiating pain
of not being met
of not being loved
for no other reason than being me

ego2 goes to war
inviting anger
letting in resentment
for no other reason than avoiding the pain

imprinted into each and all cells
my body remembers
screaming with despair
willing to accept anything
for a promise that the pain will go never to return

the well's wide mouth's
showing its cold darkness
i know its slippery sides
no where to hold onto

back in time
the separation is ancient
the pain is real and present
no escape but to feel

ego1 comes to the rescue
loving presence
allowing the sobbing
welcoming the tantrum
of little claire re-living her most painful wound

separation re-enacted
with love, respect and gentleness
making it more painful
for the lack of ennemy

two stories
gotten mixed up
letting go the Ancient
opening new eyes to the most recent

two stories
tied to one another
for now
untangled tomorrow

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