14 December 2009

The Chameleon

For better and for worse
A woman carries his cross.
Did she understand all the acts
When she signed the contract?

When she falls off
he's impatient with her irrational attitude
as he can't stand his own so
quickly she climbs back up
Spreads her arms exposes her heart.
The nails are easily back in and
All is well again, in order.

She accepts the consequences
Does she know she's not there?
That she doesn't exist?
She cleared the place to accommodate his shit.

In return
He gave her all the keys of his kingdom with one single rule
The room of anger and rage is mine
Don't ever use it or I'll kill you.

She's good, she won't even try
She's probably even lost the key.
She is what he expects of her
At all times.

Like a chameleon
She soaks up his atmosphere
Slips inside his landscape and
Makes herself part of it
Oblivious and invisible to her own.

I need help to discover what my own landscape look like
I'll accept all the help I can get to find out what my true colours are

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