19 January 2009

water, water, water

A couple of months ago, on a Sunday afternoon, on the spur of the moment I went to the local (still unknown to me) Spa to look at the time passing by in the jacuzzi, the sauna, at the cafe table with a fruit juice. At least it as the idea...
Instead I ended up in a basement with a badly lit swimming pool and no cafe, no table, no fruit juice. So I swam for a while and wowwwww

the contact of the water on the skin was pure bliss, the small currents created by the movements of my arms or that or another swimmer I was passing by... there was just an immense pleasure at being in the water! THere was also a great surprised as I haven't enjoyed swimming in the last few years...
Then I remembered how much I loved the water as I was younger, whether pool, sea, lake, river, bath, whether cold or warm...
Then I remembered how much I love my morning shower (even if I don't spend as much time as I'd like as I can't get up in the morning...) not so much to wake up but mostly to be under the running water

Then I realised that i was enjoying it on that evening because I hadn't come to do some exercise, to swim for however long in minutes or meters. No, I had come to have a good and relaxing time! It made all the difference in the world!

And so I promised myself I'd go again - not in that same place though. To night, I'm back from the pool where people go to exercise, lots of people after work... I got in the slow lane and it took some constant awareness to get back to feeling the water on my skin, rather than being impatient because the person in front is slower than me. On those moments though I simply loved it - again.

I am pisces and I love water. It is in constant movement, sound... It is alive and it transmits this life to me when I take the time.

I am so grateful that it's found me again!

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