12 September 2006

Emotions, emotions, emotions, emotions, emotions...

We have the chance to experience emotions, lots of them, and yet what do we do with them? Is it true that as we grow up we quickly learn to express them in a way acceptable for the masses, that is, contained and restrained… at least for those numerous ones that hold a negative stigma?... Is it true that in so doing, we only keep them locked up and they become parts of us that we grow to love or hate?... Tonight, let me share a formidable discovery as I have uncovered not only their place of exile in my body but a way to retrieve them and set them free… that is, if I can unlock the doors and trust that my body is always right in movement.

Let me tell you my shock as I acknowledged, received, met and dialogued with the emotions in flowing; as I observed them arise and discovered their boundaries; let me tell you my confusion as I celebrated them and recognised them for what they are – alive, ever-changing and free… Let me portray my respect to them and to Mother Earth as I felt reunited to Her through them – or is it the other way around?
Imagine them as they expand, take their shapes and draw clear and defined lines in staccato, drive changes in my breathing and open my heart as they follow the beat - in/out… in/out… Watch their growing desire to be pushed out, to be given away to the world where they belong; hear them whisper, sing or shout in my ear, “Look at me, Hello, this is me, I exist, I am alive and I want to be free, you do not own me!”
Feel the heat as comes the time of chaos, when you’re left standing outside the eye of the storm; witness them powerlessly as they take control and their overwhelming spell explode into a volcanic eruption… Be patient and prepared for the follow-up…
Look out for those emotions that now run and live on air... and, welcome to lyrical where the newly shaped landscapes of emotions may seem desolated but hold a promise of new beginnings; where terrifying despair and grief of having lost part of oneself meets tremendous hope for better pastures; where warm tears meet genuine laughter;
Let me reveal my admiration as recognised my beautiful cells, organs and body in stillness, as I wished farewell to the emotions that didn’t serve me any longer; let me finish my tale as reconnect to mother Earth and celebrate with softness and gentleness new open spaces, far too long hidden behind locked shutters and doors.

I know I will encounter more of the same emotions over and over again … Let’s hope they will journey through my cells at a quicker pace and I will set them free over and over again; let’s hope I will not get a sense of attachment or property over them; let’s hope the prisons’ keys are lost forever.

Let’s hope I learn to transform the free and powerful energy they hold into a strong creative force.

Clairem ---- 11/09/2006

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